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Manila Calamansi Castile  Soap 1LBursting with the familiar citrus smell, get fresh with the Calamansi Manila Castile Soap in every bath. Tickle your senses while getting the most amazing clean without drying your skin. Created from Pili Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Palm Oil, our Calamansi Manila Castile Soap was fashioned with the Filipino skin in mind. We combined the cleaning power of Virgin Coconut Oil Soap, the exotic properties of Pili Oil Soap and the lathering effect of Palm Oil Soap in one bottle. Added with essential oils of Citrofortunella microcarpa natively found in the Philippines, the Calamansi Manila Castile Soap is a delightful mix to surprise your senses and truly a local charm.Only natural ingredients from natural products indigenous to the Philippines are added to CDL Naturals Manila Castile Soap. CDL Naturals Manila Castile Soap is inherently thin or watery. It is due to the natural properties of soaps made with Coconut Oil.



Manila Calamansi Castile Soap 1L

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