Olive Peppermint Moiturizing Castile Soap 1L


Delight your skin with the goodness of Olive Oil made into soap! CDL Naturals Olive Castile Soap is the closest to the Traditional Castile Soaps of Spain. Made from saponified Spanish Olive Oils and scented with Mentha piperita Essential Oil, its mild cleansing properties make it ideal for those who have allergies and sensitive skin. Our Peppermint Olive Castile Soap is great for babies too and recommended for people who have dry skin. CDL NaturalsOlive Castile Soap is innately thicker and may not bubble or lather much. It is the inherent property of soaps made purely of Olive Oil.

Made-by-hand, all-natural and organic liquid castile soap from Olive Oil with Peppermint Essential Oil. A true tribute to the Castillian tradition of soaps!

Olive Peppermint Moiturizing Castile Soap 1L


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