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Unscented  Coconut Castile Soap 1L


We (the Philippines) are the 2nd biggest producer of coconuts in the world (we used to be 1st). Almost every place in our country, you can find coconuts. Its no wonder that we've found countless uses for its fruit. And since we can make soap from coconuts, we've made the Unscented Coconut Castile Soap. Owing to the high Lauric acid content of coconut oil, our Coconut Castile Soap is highly cleansing and bubbly. Its recommended to blend the Unscented Coconut Castile Soap with other unscented variants to achieve a good cleaning soap without drying the skin.

Our Unscented Coconut Castile Soap is highly concentrated, though thin and watery. It is the inherent property of soaps made of Coconut Oil.

Unscented Coconut Castile Soap 1L

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